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Lou Bortone, Freelance Writer
Exeter, NH, USA
Monday, 10:30am

Dear Fellow Writer,

Are you a freelance writer who:

  • would like to make a lot more money, writing a lot fewer features?

  • spends more time pitching your stories, than writing your stories?

  • is sick and tired of the “query grind” and hit-or-miss story pitches?

  • wants to make more money with less hassle?

  • is frustrated with all the work that goes into finding new writing assignments?

  • would rather spend your time writing, instead of constantly trying to find your next gig?

  • wants to monetize your content and make money from your expertise?

  • is tired of being a “struggling writer” and wants to become a well-paid writer?

Yes? Well, then I’m here to help!

You see…

I Understand Where You’re At Right Now,
Because I have BEEN THERE…

For years, I struggled with the same dilemma: How to make a decent living as a freelance writer. I wrote at night while I worked full-time jobs. I worked as an ad agency copywriter, and even a trade magazine editor. But I really wanted to be a full-time, freelance writer. I wanted to be my own boss, make my own hours and control my own destiny. So I quit the full-time job and went out on my own…

My first few years as a full-time freelancer were tough, as I plowed through pitch after pitch, query after query, and call after call. Then…

I finally found the “sweet spot” to freelance writing success and a reliable, steady, 6-figure income - just from my writing!

I found someone who needed a ghostwriter to write his “how to” book, and I made $35,000 in 4 months. Then I did it again, and again. I made 6 figures in less than a year, working with just 3 clients – And I took almost the entire month of August off!!!

I finally found the way to break the endless “query” cycle and make my writing much more productive and profitable – And I can show you exactly how I went from zero to 6-figures in less than a year.

When I first began ghostwriting, I couldn’t find any decent resources for how to ghostwrite. I had no idea how much to charge, how to draw up the contract, what to offer or what to expect. There was very little information out there on ghostwriting rates, or how to break in to the field of ghostwriting, and what there was seemed confusing and all over the map. I didn’t know where to turn for help. There I was, trying to land the biggest writing job of my life, but I was flying blind!

After that experience, I decided to create a comprehensive e-book that explains the entire ghostwriting process, step-by-step…so no one else who wants to be a ghostwriter would have to struggle like I did.

Once I started sharing this system with other writer friends, I realized that I could help them make big money as a ghostwriter, too! I don’t want my writer friends – or any writer for that matter – to have to figure this out on their own, when I already know the way. I’ve seen too many talented writers give up on writing… so I’m compelled to show others how easy and rewarding it can be to become a successful ghostwriter.

"If you are wondering if ghostwriting is for you, read this book! With “Shut Up and Write! How to Make Big Money as a Ghostwriter” Lou Bortone expanded my vision and opened up new possibilities as a writer. This step-by-step guidebook is packed with information and gives you all you need to step up to the plate and offer your valuable services as a ghostwriter."

Cara Lumen, The Vision Distiller

“Shut Up and Write!
How to Make Big Money as a Ghostwriter”

It’s a complete guide to ghostwriting success, including everything you need to know to start making great money as a ghostwriter.

“Shut Up and Write!” is the ultimate solution to the freelance writer dilemma. It’s the only e-book I know of that distills the secrets to ghostwriting success. With this unique book as your guide, you will discover…

  • How to generate a 6-figure income with just a few ghostwriting projects.

  • How to spend more time doing what you love – writing, instead of sending out queries or searching for your next assignment.

  • Five ways to have more time for yourself AND dramatically increase your writing revenue.

  • 7 Secrets to find high-paying ghostwriting projects.

  • How to make more money doing less legwork!

Look at it this way: You could pitch 50 different features that pay $500… That’s at least 50 queries, 50 negotiations, 50 rewrites, 50 invoices…


You can land one BIG MONEY, one client, one contract, ghostwriting gig for $25,000 or more!

"Lou’s book told me the ins and outs of Ghostwriting & made me believe I can do it! Got my first PAYING gig-thanks to Lou’s no-nonsense style & expert guidance-I’d recommend this to any budding ghostwriter or any writer, for that matter!"

Marcia Merrill

"I wish I had owned Lou Bortone’s book when I accepted my first ghostwriting job. Not only would Shut Up and Write! have saved me weeks of rewriting and thousands of dollars of lost revenue, it would have helped me deal with a control freak client who was out of control. Want to make money (and save your sanity!) as a ghostwriter? Then buy this book today!"

Nancy Hendrickson

So, if you’re tired of the writer’s rat race, and want to focus on the big-money gigs, you’ve got to get this book!

Imagine being able to pick and choose just 2 or 3 “choice” projects a year, while still earning great money. Grab this book now and get started ghostwriting!

Here’s what you get!

  • “How to Make Big Money As A Ghostwriter” E-Book – At the special introductory sale price

  • Free, special bonus ghostwriting contract template - $125 Value

  • Extra Ghostwriting Resources and Software Buying Guide - $27 Value

  • Ghostwriters “What to Charge” Rate Card – $19.95 Value

  • Customized ghostwriting templates, timelines and checklists

  • My “No Strings Attached” Money-Back Guarantee

Sounds Great, Lou! What’s It Going to Cost Me to Learn
the Secrets to Ghostwriting Success?

I want to put this valuable information into every freelance writer’s hands, so I’m keeping the cost very reasonable and offering the entire package for just $67

$47 (special introductory price!)

(When I was first looking for a ghostwriting contract, I paid $125 just for the contract template! But you get my contract template for free!)

Do You Want an Audio Version Instead?

We also have an audio version of Shut Up and Write available for purchase. This version includes a one-hour audio version of the e-book and a PowerPoint PDF to follow along with.

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Convinced yet? Click the button above to reserve your copy now!

Hold on! I’m going to make it an even better deal!



I’m including my own valuable Ghostwriting Contract Template, mentioned above. ($125 value) – Just fill in the blanks and you’re on your way!


You’ll also receive my personal Ghostwriting Resources and Software Buying Guide ($27 value)


You’ll even get the impossible-to-find Ghostwriter’s Rate Card, explaining what to charge in various situations ($19.95 value, but who knows what it could be worth to you!)

You get all this money-making information for less than fifty bucks!

Make this investment in yourself and in your writing business. To order your copy today, and get all the free bonuses, click here now.


This product is backed by my personal, best-in-class, 90-day guarantee! That means no hassles, no questions, no problems – Just a complete 100% money-back guarantee for up to three months! There’s no risk on your part.

Hurry!  Because the first 25 people who order also receive a free, bonus copy of “The Guide to Producing Your Own E-Newsletter” and “Newest Websites and Web Tools for Writers”

Are You Ready to Claim Your Copy of…

“Shut Up and Write! How to Make Big Money as a Ghostwriter”


Yes, I’m ready to boost my writing income and learn to make 6-figures as a ghostwriter!

To Order Your Instant Download, Get-It-Now Copy,
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Your Copy for just $47

Do You Want an Audio Version Instead?

We also have an audio version of Shut Up and Write available for purchase. This version includes a one-hour audio version of the e-book and a PowerPoint PDF to follow along with.

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You can order online, or by phone (or even by mail if you’re old school!)

Here’s to your ghostwriting success!

Lou Bortone, Freelance Writer

Kingston, NH 03848

PS: If you're serious about turbo-charging your freelance writing career, you really need this book. So, don’t wait! Order now and start your ghostwriting project this week! Claim your copy now by ordering right away.

PPS: Don’t forget that the first 25 people who order will also receive a free, bonus copy of “The Guide to Producing Your Own E-Newsletter”and“Newest Websites and Web Tools for Writers”

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